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Questions About this Wiki

Hi Raina,
I'm not sure if you entirely abandoned this Wiki or not but I thought I'd toss out a few questions.
I was curious first about the pictures associated for each hero: Did you draw them or did you use like a avatar generator tool? I was just curious...
Also, I'm interested in the overall theme of the Wiki: Is it limited to just "heroes" or does reference characters who have "superpowers" in general? Ex: Are villains and Anti-heroes acceptable?
Overall, this looks like a fun place to create characters and bios. I wouldn't mind playing around in here tossing back ideas and what not -- I love creating characters and story lines on the side. Anyhow, it would be kind of cool to join, tag-team character ideas, and possibly help this Wiki grow if you're up to it. ^__^
Let me know.
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Superhero Team Names!

Hey everyone! So, I've (finally) added all the main superheroes that I originally came up with. But there's a problem. In stories I wrote, (I'M A WRITER DON'T JUDGE ME XD) these six people are in a team... yes yes, sort of like the Avengers and the Justice League... and I don't have a name for it. So, I was hoping you would have some ideas! Send them to me, and then I'll pick one! Thanks! -Raina
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